Music for film and theatre

Martin Tingvall is not just a huge filmfan in his time off but also composes music for films whenever he is not touring (see a selection below).



For the TV-movie "Durchgedreht", an episode of the popular crime series "Tatort", Martin Tingvall composed and produced the whole film score (2016, directed by Dagmar Seume).

Für eine Nacht...und immer?

Für the TV-drama "Für eine Nacht...und immer" (2015, directed by Sybille Tafel) Martin Tingvall composed and produced the whole score by himself.

Hüter der Tundra

For the documentary film "Hüter der Tundra" (2013, directed by René Harder) Martin Tingvall composed the film score in collaboration with Michael Klaukien und Andreas Lonardoni.


The score for “Grenzgänger” (2013), an episode of “Tatort”, a popular crime series, Martin Tingvall composed in collaboration with Robin Grubert, Michael Klaukien und Andreas Lonardoni.

Jahr des Drachen

For the TV-movie "Jahr des Drachen" (Year of the dragon), directed by Torsten C. Fischer, Martin Tingvall composed the whole score on its own and recorded it together with his colleagues from Tingvall Trio Jürgen Spiegel and Omar Rodriguez Calvo.


For the Till Schweiger movie "ZweiOhrKüken" (2009) Martin Tingvall composed the song "Unsterblich" (immortal) together with Mirko Schaffer and Baschi who also sings this song.


Piano solo

Tingvall Trio