Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Album der Woche

"The Swedish pianist has led his Tingvall Trio to become one of the leading piano trios in contemporary Jazz. Playing solo, this is where he takes off from, with compositions flowing and groovy, with open ears for the space his music demands. He’s in touch with himself. And it’s Jazz’s windfall that Tingvall is capable of communicating this inner process to the listener."

Radio Bremen

"Comparisons to the big romanticists of Piano-Jazz, Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea, cannot be denied. As always, Martin Tingvall roams about the folkloristic melodic spaces of his Nordic home and connects them to American Jazz patterns as well as elements of European art music. Bach meets Edvard Grieg meets Thelonious Monk. The difference: Tingvall is able to stop the history of a rhythmically pressing Keith Jarret and Chick Corea’s Funky Piano for a moment: Deceleration is his mantra."

Deutschlandradio Kultur

"[…] every single one of these beautiful little pieces on “Distance” has its own character. And it’s impressive to witness how Martin Tingvall is able to achieve this."


"As head of Tingvall Trio, Tingvall connects the enormously successful poetry of Scandinavian Piano-Jazz with a sensual sense of improvisation and groove. As a solo artist, his music is almost Neo-Classical. Hence “Distance” became an introverted, almost impressionistic album, on which the Swedish pianist dabs soft melodies on a canvas of sound."

MDR Figaro

"Martin Tingvall captured Iceland’s vastness and tranquillity in his music, and you can feel his contentment when he makes his music sound like brisk ice water or clear blue light, letting small scraps of melody between the breaks sound like islands, mirrored in the water."

ARD Radiofestival

"Eine der erfolgreichsten Bands der deutschen Szene ist das Trio des schwedischen Pianisten Martin Tingvall. Seine Band lebt auch auf dem neuen Album "Cirklar" von der Eingängigkeit der Komposition und einem dynamischen Zusammenspiel."


Piano solo

Tingvall Trio

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