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19/01/2023 New Album for Tingvall Trio

The Tingvall Trio is currently working on a new album. Rehearsals have started and the album will be recorded in spring. … mehr

03/01/2022 Tingvall composes for the theater in Kiel

For a new production of the classic "Schimmelreiter" (Theodor Storm), Martin Tingvall composed over twenty new songs and instrumental pieces for the Kiel theater. … mehr

15/12/2021 Tingvall composes the soundtrack for the crime movie "Tatort"

Martin Tingvall composed the music for the new Saarbrücken crime movie "The Heart of the Snake". … mehr

24/11/2021 Song book "The Rocket" available

Now you yourself can play the music of the No.1 album "The Rocket"! … mehr

07/05/2021 Release of first track of Tingvall's new album

Martin Tingvall's new album "When Light Returns" will be released in summer. The title track of the same name will be released on May 7th. … mehr

01/02/2021 Tingvall composes soundtrack for new TV series

Martin Tingvall composed the title music and the entire soundtrack for the new series "Die Toten von Marnow". … mehr

21/08/2020 Tingvall Trio recorded a new album

“Dance” is the title of this new album and the trio takes listeners along on a journey around the world, letting the widest variety of dance styles flash and flare as a vivid form of emotional expression.  … mehr

10/12/2019 Tingvall's Album "Distance" sold gold

Martin Tingvall is delighted to have sold more than 10,000 units of his piano solo album "distance". … mehr

06/12/2019 Release of "The Rocket in Space"

At the same time as Martin Tingvall is working with his first VR Experience, he also releases the title track of his solo piano album "The Rocket" as an electronic remix. … mehr

28/11/2019 "The Rocket" as VR experience and with a new mix

Martin Tingvall is about to enter new worlds twice: The title track of his current album "The Rocket" can now be experienced in a virtual reality - and Tingvall has produced the song as an electronic remix "The Rocket In Space". … mehr

22/11/2019 Tingvall composes the title track for the new Udo Lindenberg movie

For the movie about Udo Lindenberg's life, which will be released in German cinemas in January 2020, Martin Tingvall composed the title song "Niemals dran gezweifelt". … mehr

06/08/2019 No 1 in the Charts

That's what we call a rocket launch: Right after its release "The Rocket" hits the number one of the German Jazzcharts. … mehr

05/07/2019 "The Rocket" hits the German pop charts

Martin Tingvall's new album "The Rocket" hits the German pop-charts. For a piano-solo.album this really is exceptional. … mehr

28/06/2019 Album release - The Rocket

Out now: The new piano-solo album of Martin Tingvall! … mehr

13/06/2019 3-2-1...Rocket Launch

Countdown is starting for the release of Martin Tingvall's new album "The Rocket". … mehr

16/03/2019 Tingvall receives German Composing Award

Congratulations! The German collecting society GEMA honored at a special ceremony in Berlin composers and lyricists for their extraordinary musical works. Besides Martin Tingvall also Arvo Pärt, Wolfgang Rihm, Namika and Maxim received an award. … mehr

10/03/2019 The Rocket - New album recorded

Martin Tingvall recorded his third piano-solo-album "The Rocket". … mehr

09/01/2019 Tingvall composes score for a new "Tatort"-movie

Once again Martin Tingvall composed the complete score for an episode of Germanys' most popular crime series "Tatort". … mehr

14/12/2018 Tingvall's songs on Udo Lindenbergs new MTV unplugged album

Martin Tingvall composed three songs for Udo Lindenberg's new MTV unplugged album "Live from hotel Atlantik". … mehr

16/11/2018 The popular French rapper Orelsan is working with Tingvall's music

On his new album "Epilogue La fete est finie" rapper Orelsan integrates Tingvall's music into his own songs. … mehr

08/10/2018 SWR Bigband plays Tingvall

That Tingvall's music not just work with piano trio or piano solo, shows last night with SWR bigband which played a whole concert with Tingvall's songs. His Swedish colleague Magnus Lindgren arranged the music and conducted the bigband during the concert while Tingvall was accompanied as a solist. … mehr

30/06/2018 Fantastic start for Martin Tingvall's first musical

This year's summertheater in Kiel ends with standing ovations and spectacular fireworks. The theatre's director Daniel Karasek made Shakespear's comedy "Twelfth night" together with Martin Tingvall (composer) and Regy Clasen (text) into a new musical. … mehr

20/03/2018 Martin Tingvall composes his first musical

For this years summer open-air of Kiel's theater Martin Tingvall composes the score to Shakespeare's "Twelfth night". … mehr

07/09/2017 Tingvall Trio's new album is No. 1

The new Tingvall Trio album "cirklar" exceeds all expectations. Right after release it hit the German Popcharts and now it is ranked as No. 1 in the German Jazzcharts. … mehr

30/08/2017 The four pianists are celebrating the summer

Last year the four Hamburg based pianists Joja Wendt, Sebastian Knaur, Axel Zwingenberger and Martin Tingvall started a new project: The piano-summer Hamburg. This year they played an even more successfull second edition. … mehr

11/08/2017 Release of new trio album "cirklar"

What a start: Just one week after release of Tingvall Trio's new album "cirklar" it hits the German Pop charts! … mehr


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